WMOC 2015 Gothenburg

Welcome to Gothenburg and the 2015 World Masters Orienteering Championship.

The WMOC 2015, sponsored by Lånemäklaren, will be held between July 26 and August 1 in Gothenburg, with the competitions close to the city centre.
O-ringen 2015 in Borås (70 km east of Gothenburg) will be held the week before WMOC so there will be possibilities to take part in these two events.


Gothenburg lies right in the heart of Scandinavia, situated on the beautiful west coast of Sweden. The strategic location between the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian capitals, makes it a true gateway.

Gothenburg is characterised by international style, local creativity and a natural, relaxed charm. Other qualities that make Gothenburg the perfect venue include a wide choice of accommodation, efficient and friendly service and consideration for others.
Venues, hotels, restaurants and shops are all located within easy walking distance. Scandinavia's largest, allunder-one-roof shopping centre is also located in the city-centre.
The abundance of culture, entertainment and outdoor activities as well as the city's spectacular surroundings, closeness to the sea and the stunning archipelago guarantee
a whole new event experience. Gothenburg is easy to reach with direct flights from 50 European cities, train and ferries.

Gothenburg is experienced in hosting international events (Gothia Cup, Göteborgsvarvet, WC Handball…) and the Gothenburg Orienteering Federation have been hosted NORT 2011-2012, O-ringen (1990, 2004) and will be hosting Swedish championship in 2013 and 10-mila 2017.

Our aim is to offer you a compact event of highest quality with all competitions Just Around the Corner combined with possibilities to experience the Swedish West Coast and giving Gothenburg Orienteering Federation and its member clubs resources to develop orienteering for young people.

Description of competition area - Sprint Distance


Both the sprint qualification and final will take place on Eriksberg, the Northern Bank of the river Göta älv. Lindholmen wich also was the area for the IOF World Cup 2012, NORT.

This part of the city was formerly a large industrial area that has now been transformed into a modern district of Gothenburg, with both residential and office premises incorporated into central Gothenburg. The area consists of a wide range of irregularly shaped buildings and park areas and is very suitable for sprint orienteering. The area contains a few hills of moderate size.


Description of competition area - Long distance

Long distance qualification

The long distance qualification I and II will take place on the eastern sections of the Getryggen and Björnåsbergen maps. These maps are part of a large recreation area that consists of several paths following the significant north to south running ridges with a maximum height of about 40 m. In the south part of the area there is also a plateau with a number of smaller hills. Between the ridges and on the plateau there are several marshes and lakes. The vegetation consists mostly of deciduous forest but areas with coniferous forest also exist. The visibility and runnability is mostly good to very good.

Long distance final
The long distance final will be on the Skatås and Getryggen maps, i.e. west of the qualification area. The character of the area is similar to the qualification area in
several respects but close to the competition centre the terrain is less hilly and contains more paths.